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    Healthcare is beyond complex – more than ever, it is complicated. Like others, I believe this will not change; however, I will share a few things. Leading in health care has never been more complicated and challenging than it is today. Many of you are living this everyday and something has got to “give” or come along to radically change our approach at the bedside. We keep asking more and more of our frontline caregivers – it is just not humanly possible. We buy technology – thinking we are supporting our caregivers – making it easier, when in reality, we are actually making their lives harder. Of course, this is no one’s intention. We must identify technology that can revolutionize our care delivery in a cost effective means. Many leading health systems have recognized that you can’t just dabble around the edges – ultimately, no one wins with this approach. These healthcare systems are reimagining their care models through a lens of transformational change.  Virtual nursing obviously represents one of those pillars for transformative change.

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