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    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    I see the benefits from a healthcare perspective to be across the continuum of care. we will be able to gather patients’ data, whether they are at home, in an acute care hospital or in a SNF. The longitudinal data will give us a better picture of what is going on with a patient in any place at any time. This will be helpful in CCM- likely improving outcomes and reducing care costs over time.


    Ambient intelligence (AI) is not new. AI is becoming more pervasive in our homes and other surroundings. The other day when visiting a museum – by answering a few extra questions on my college, my name tag then activated a customized viewing at various exhibits highlighting all in the exhibit related to my college. My visit was completely customized to me. In healthcare, we have ambient cameras in our operating rooms and now placing them in our patient rooms takes us to a whole new level of care. We can maximize our precious resources, our staff, and take patient experience to a new, higher level.

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