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    Can anyone share best practices for virtual nursing with cameras in room for semi private rooms?

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    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    I am working with an organization that is testing the technology in double occupancy rooms. The patient has to give permission that he/she is ok with participating with the VN on the admission or discharge process with the other patient and/or family in the room since it occurs over a portable monitor. It has impacted the number of patients who are willing to participate but not as much as I expected. It has probably cut down approx. 25% of pts that meet the inclusion criteria.

    Cindy Koppen


    Handle the visit/interaction the same as if you were in person, if the material is sensitive you can always call on the pts bedside phone or personal cell.  Other options include a tablet device or a speaker near the pts head in addition to the speaker on the foot wall.  Please call me directly on my cell if you would like to speak further.

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