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    For non-critical inpatient units (med/surg/tele) that have a care teams approach (something like 1RN/2 LPNs/2 CNAs work together to take care of patients), what support does the virtual nurse provide that adds the most value? Code support? Mentoring? Patient Progression? Would love to hear what you all are experiencing. Thanks!

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    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    yes, this takes time to build out the workflows. be sure to involve different voices and tweak as necessary.


    Thanks Bonnie. We are currently determining how to build the workflows for the VNs. So far we have incorporated 1-3.

    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    Hi Julie- this depends on how your hospital has approached building the workflows for VN.

    Each organization has a different VN Blueprint based on its needs, so there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to this. I can tell you that the top 5 use cases are:

    1. Admission documentation with limited assessment
    2. Discharge documentation with medication reconciliation
    3. Transfer documentation
    4. Dual nurse verification of medications and blood products
    5. Expert nurse intervention in clinical deterioration patients


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