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    What technology do you all use to provide pan/tilt/zoom camera functionality? Please share your carts, in room, and bedside tech stacks for workflows that need a close-up view (skin assessments, med recon, lines, etc..) Anyone using wearable devices, like smart glasses, to share what the bedside nurse sees?

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    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    Thanks Jonathan, as I travel to different facilities I hear that the carts get burdensome and agree that the additional costs of hardwiring is well worth it.


    Johnathan Boren

    We are currently using Care.Ai’s devices to provide this PTZ functionality on a limited scale. My company is working through logistics with intention to expand it much wider from a footprint and use case standpoint. We are utilizing the integration with the in-room TV’s to create a two-way audio/video connection with a virtual nurse to the patient in-room. These cameras are fixed in each room, but exploring whether carts make sense in certain areas vs extra burden on the nurse to manage the cart.

    Dr. Bonnie Clipper

    Great question- i would encourage the others to share what they areĀ  using. I have not seen wearables yet. However there are studies going on with Bluetooth earpieces for SRT.

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