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Cindy Koppen

Jennifer – Thank you for the question!  Outfit of technology in semi-private rooms has always required a little more diligence to make sure the VRN’s and patients have just as excellent experience as private rooms.  We have found there can be multiple options to address the needs of semi-private rooms based on the systems unique workflow and technology requirements.  We have found most effective is to make sure there is dedicated hardware for each patient to streamline workflows and ensure the VRN’s are armed with multiple workflow options based on that patients needs. This can include the VRN scripting to explain the role of the VRN and task to be completed, as well as confirming any patient hesitations around the visit.  We find that very few patients are hesitant to engage with the VRN but there should be options to accommodate those folks with a different audio source.  We have seen workflows that include the VRN using the bedside phone or even the patient cell phone through our platform to accommodate those unique cases. We have also seen the use of other speaker and mic options for optimal acoustic results based on the layout of the semi private room and would love to delve into these workflows with you in much more detail. Please let me know if would like to connect directly to discuss in further detail!