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I agree with the comments here. I am fortunate, in my current role, to see the outputs of a technology team working with the clinical team to build the software/ platform needed to provide virtual services. We are building a robust platform for clinician efficiency and seamless patient data integration. But this is not a practical model for other settings and larger systems.

An area I’ve experienced as a barrier to virtual nursing is the patients’ digital literacy. It can be time-consuming for nurses to teach patients to monitor their blood pressure remotely. Time-consuming and often a source of frustration as a patient acclimates to the associated in-home technology. Similar challenges and frustrations occur when internet access is a barrier. Whether it’s a rural location or lack of home internet, the challenge is there and can lead to disengagement by the patient.  There would be wider adoption of virtual nursing services with policy changes specific to reimbursement for digital health literacy support. Designated nonclinical support personnel to spend the time to train and provide help early on could make a significant impact on the virtual nursing service provided and the outcomes for patients effectively participating in a service inclusive of VN.