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thank you for sharing your starting point. I have been thinking about the problem and whether we need to develop a job description and that led me to think about the competencies that would be needed by a virtual nurse. Then what type of training might virtual nurses need? The role clarity issue you raised I think is paramount, is that outlined in a policy or perhaps the job description?  It would be as important for the virtual nurse to know their limits as the clinical nurse. Are you using current employees? Have you experienced any external reviews and received feedback from any agency? Say magnet, the joint commission, a state agency.

To answer your question.  The CNO assigned this to one of her nursing directors. That person is thinking to pilot between 7 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday to support admission history collection as a starting point. I suggested that if you look at the admission arrival data that the time window would need to be reset to mirror that activity pattern. The IT department is attempting to repurpose iPAD devices and use our existing telehealth platform as a way to support the pilot.  I am not directly involved, but the nursing director is working with IT directly to see if the iPADs would work. I assume she will pull a team together if the technology testing works out.  So when I know more- I will reach out.